Requirements for CNA Certification

For people who are struggling with unemployment due to lack of skills or education, getting a CNA certification is the fastest and most efficient way to wade their way out of the pool of jobless people. Add to this the fact that qualified professionals can easily get employment as nurse’s aides with an impressive pay package and it’s easy to understand why a lot of people are keen on getting more information about the requirements for CNA certification including training required for CNA jobs.

Basic Requirements for CNA Certification

The applicant has to be 18 years of age or older when going through the training program required for certification. Apart from this some training programs will also require students to furnish information about their SS number. Before offering the CNA certification, a lot of states will require aspirants to take the TB skin test within one year of application. Also, individuals interested in CNA careers should not have a criminal record and should be willing to allow the college and prospective employers to conduct a background check.

Training Requirements for CNA Certification

Most states will require CNA career aspirants to attend an accredited CNA training program before they are deemed eligible to take the certification test. Every student needs to complete a minimum of 75 hours of training before appearing for the certification exams. This includes time spent in theory class as well as practical sessions. Students who choose to complete the requisite training through an online course will need to make arrangements with a local medical center, hospital or clinic for practice sessions.

Testing Requirements for CNA Certification

At the end of the training period, the student is required to appear for the certification test. This comprises of two exams, the written theroy exam and the practical test. The written exam is not particularly arduous; on the other hand, the practical exam is where the aspirant’s skills are truly put to test. People interested in taking the practical exam will need to get another person along who can play the patient. The examiners are primarily concerned with how diligently procedures are followed and the student’s attitude towards the patient.

Appearing for the Exam and Getting the Certification

Students who are worried about acing the written test should get a hold of the sample question papers and question sets from previous examinations. While people who are frantic about getting things right in the practical test should invest at least an hour or two each day to practice the various procedures leant in the training sessions. After passing the exams, the student has to register with e state registry to get CNA certification.

Once a person receives their CNA certification he/she can easily seek employment in various health care facilities like establishments for skilled nursing, foster care homes for adults, intermediate health centers, mental health care establishments and facilities for assisted living. It is also possible to further your education through specialty training which will lead to better job prospects and a higher salary.